Steinsund Marinesenter

6924 Hardbakke

975 75 117

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  • Beautiful surroundings
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  • berry picking
  • boat trips
  • hiking
  • sea fishing
  • swimming


  • boat size - 18 fot
  • motor size - 10 hk
  • small motorboat


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Utvær, SolundYou cannot go further west in Norway than the islands of Utvær in Solund. With its beautiful lighthouse the islands boasts both historical significance and captivating natural surroundings.

Island Hopping by the postal boat: Solund - Bulandet, Værlandet, SolundIsland Hopping to Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet is a round trip to the westernmost islands in Norway. Traveling by boat you get close to the unique and spectacular scenery on the coast, and you get to experience the everyday life of the people living on the islands.

Strandgata 30, 6905 Florø,



The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information.