The world's longest herring table in Florø - Sildebordet

6900 Florø

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Quality Hotel FlorøQuality Hotel Florø, KinnThe Quality Hotel Florø is beautifully situated right by the sea. Some of the best views of Florø can be enjoyed from the hotel. You'll be conveniently located near the main street with great shopping and attractions just around the corner.

Comfort Hotel Victoria Florø - in the city centre of FlorøComfort Hotel Victoria Florø, KinnComfort Hotel in the beautiful coastal town of Florø is the perfect place for the adventurous. Centrally located in the city centre you’ll have everything within reach.

Bulandet & VærlandetIsland Hopping by the postal boat: Solund - Bulandet, Værlandet, SolundIsland Hopping to Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet is a round trip to the westernmost islands in Norway. Traveling by boat you get close to the unique and spectacular scenery on the coast, and you get to experience the everyday life of the people living on the islands.

Strandgata 30, 6905 Florø,



The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information.